Fairview Park Junior Women's Club

High School Scholarship and Marion Cook Education Grant Information

The Fairview Park Women's Club is a non-profit organization whose charitable, educational, and philanthropic activities serve Fairview Park and the Greater Cleveland area. Membership is open to all women aged 21 and older. Each year, the Fairview Park Women's Club awards one or more college scholarships to graduating high school seniors who are residents of Fairview Park. We also offer the Marion Cook Education Grants to one or more area women, over age 21, to obtain the knowledge to pursue a chosen career. The amounts of these one-time scholarships and grants vary, depending upon how much the club raises during the year through its ways and means projects.

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Information on High School Scholarships
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Information on the Marion Cook Education Grant

High School Scholarship Application Process

Please follow all instructions in preparing and submitting your application.

1. You must be a resident of Fairview Park, Ohio, to be eligible for a scholarship from FPWC.

2. Although copies of the FPWC scholarship application should be available from your high school guidance counselors, please apply online at https://tinyurl.com/FPWC2018 . Applications can be downloaded as a Microsoft Word document using this link (2018 APPLICATION AVAIALBLE SOON):

Download the 2017 High School Scholarship Form in Word format. 2018 COMING SOON.

3. Please remember to include all required documentation as described in the application. Submissions that do not include all required documentation will not be considered. Required documents will include: the completed online application, your high school transcript (copy), and at least one (1) letter of recommendation.

4. Submit the completed application online, if possible, and send the supporting documents via email to FPWCScholarship@gmail.com or via USPS to FPWC Scholarship Committee Chair, P. O. Box 26283, Fairview Park, OH 44126.

5. Please complete the application as soon as possible, but all applications and required supporting documents must be received no later than April 1, 2018. Applications received after that date will not be considered. All decisions of the Fairview Park Women's Club on awards are final and not subject to review.

6. Scholarships will be awarded prior to the end of the current school year at the Fairview High School Scholars' Reception on May 16. You will be notified if you have or have not received a scholarship on or after that date.

7. Any questions or concerns, contact FPWCScholarship@gmail.com.

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Marion Cook Education Grant Application

The Marion Cook Education Grant is given to one or more women, over 21, to assist with vocational or college studies. Download an application from the link below or send an e-mail to fairviewparkwc@gmail.com for more information. Your application must be received by the FPWC by the April 1, 2018 due date. 2018 APPLICATION WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON. PLEASE CHECK BACK.

Download the Marion Cook Education Grant Application in Word format.

Mail or deliver to:

Marion Cook Education Grant
P. O. Box 26283.
Fairview Park, Oh 44126

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by Steve McAlonis