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The Fairview Park Women's Club, Inc. is a non-profit charitable, educational, and philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the educational, social welfare, and environmental conditions of the people and city of Fairview Park, Ohio and the surrounding areas of the Greater Cleveland community. We offer multiple ways to get involved in hands-on helping.

We are a group of women who value diversity. Many are professionals, working in fields such as business, law, education, and health care, while others are enjoying retirement or raising their families. You may volunteer time and talents so it fits into your schedule. Don't be surprised to get caught up in infectious laughter while making new friends along the way!

Explore our website and learn about our community service programs and other activities. Please click on the Community Service or Events tabs to your left to see our upcoming activities. Then please join us! Just talk to any of our current members, or click "Contact Us" on the left side of this web page.

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Current Officers, 2019-2020

The Fairview Park Women's Club was organized in 1954 to promote a sense of responsibility among women toward creative interest in civic, social and welfare betterment of the community.

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  • PresidentCarrie Battiato
    Co-Vice PresidentsSally Lisowski & Barb Kadleck
    TreasurerNancy Shucofsky
    Recording SecretaryRosanne Kelley
    Corresponding SecretarySharon Bowles
    Board Member-At-LargeDeb Renkel

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    Ways & Means: Projects throughout the year raise funds for FPWC's charitable, educational, and philanthropic projects.

    Cookbooks: Can be purchased anytime, but will be for sale at all of our activities as well as at meetings. This is a great gift idea that supports our Club.

    Applebee's Flapjack Breakfast: Held at the Westgate Applebee's, 8a.m. to 10a.m. Pre-sold tickets to provide a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, breakfast potatoes, coffee, milk, juice and soft drinks. See our Events tab for further information.

    Summerfest: We marched in this year's parade. Once again, Club members have assisted the Youth Association at their hot dog and beer tent booths.

    Halloween Happy Hour: Held at Two Bucks in North Olmsted from 5p.m. to 7p.m. Pre-sold tickets provide 2 drink tickets good for beer, wine and well drinks, snacks, boneless wings, mac & cheese, salad and dessert. Raffles and a 50/50 drawing are available. Costumes optional. See our Events tab for further information.

    Plant Sale: Annuals, including flowers and vegetables, will be available for purchase in the spring. Orders will be taken in April and plants will be available in May.

    Amazon Smile: Any Amazon Prime member can sign up through the smile.amazon.com link. Amazon will donate 0.5% of purchases made through the program to our Club.

    Lunch with Santa: Enjoyable lunch, activities and visiting with Santa for a photo session.

    Wine Tasting and Silent Auction: A fun, gala evening event, offering wines presented by various vintners, along with hors d'oeuvres and desserts, plus the opportunity to bid on silent auction items donated by members, businesses, and other organizations.

    Finance: This committee prepares both the annual philanthropic and operating budgets for the Club. In addition to ongoing reviews and analyses of the income and expanses of the Club, both the philanthropic and operating budgets will be reviewed in January to ensure that expenses and fundraising amounts are within expected projections and the goals of the Club. Modification to both the operating and philanthropic budgets may be made at the January meeting.

    Records: The Recording Secretary shall chair the Records committee, which shall consist of the Recording Secretary, Black Book Chair and Historian.

    Black Book: This committee is responsible for gathering information, and for publishing the Black Book at the beginning of the Club year.

    Historian: The Historian collects photos of activities, makes a scrapbook and reports on the Club's activities at the annual Installation Dinner in the spring.

    Parliamentarian: The Parliamentarian shall advise the Executive Board and general membership on questions of parliamentary procedure and shall chair the Nominating Committee.

    Membership: This committee is responsible for providing information about the Club and for contacting prospective members. Welcoming receptions are given for new members along with assistance for helping them find a comfortable place within the Club.

    Hospitality: Secures hostesses for General Meetings. Responsible for sign-up sheets at meetings. Provides meals for members who have had a baby or a death in the family.

    Community Service: The Community Service Committee promotes and supports projects which will benefit and strengthen Club and civic relations.

    Marion Cook Education Grants: This committee awards a grant to the one or more Fairview Park women, over 21, to obtain the knowledge to pursue a chosen career.

    Fairview Assistance: This program was formed to anonymously provide temporary help to needy Fairview Park residents. Church, social and city sources contact Juniors when families need assistance with medical, dental, utility bills, rent, or clothing.

    Favors-on-Trays: The purpose of this committee is to provide small homemade "favors" which accompany meals provided by the Meals-On-Wheels program to the elderly or shut-ins within the community.

    Helping Hands: Helping Hands combines several traditional projects into an umbrella program. By coordinating dates for collections throughout the Club year, Helping Hands lets members take a hands-on role in directly helping people in our community. Groups that will benefit from the collections include the Fairview Park Hunger Center, We Do Care, Metro General Friends of Mothers and Infants, plus others.

    High School Scholarships: This committee awards one or more scholarships to deserving high school graduates who are Fairview Park residents.

    Recreation Assistance: This program assists Fairview Park families with financial assistance to enable their children to participate in youth sports/recreational programs. All requests are confidential.

    Adopt-A-Family: Provides Christmas presents to Fairview families in need.

    Community Council: A Club representative will attend quarterly meetings of Community Council at City Hall. She will report on our events and also report back on what other Fairview Park groups are planning. This group also selects the Fairview Park Citizen of the Year award winner and is responsible for maintaining the Civic garden.

    Activities: A variety of social activities promote recruitment, encourage meeting attendance, and build rapport among our members. Except for programs at general meetings which are supported by dues, members pay their own expenses for activities.

    Fun Bridge: This is a monthly bridge group for players of any skill level. Meets on the last Thursday of the month in member's homes from September to May at 7:30pm.

    Impromptu Activities - If you are interested in setting up a Special Event (for instance, theater night, fun bowling, softball, picnic or museum trip), contact this Chair. She will help with making announcements at both the General and Executive meetings, and put it on the Club calendar and in the newsletter. Think fun and get involved!

    Ladies' Bowling League: A non-sanctioned weekly bowling league that meets at Fairview Lanes, 9:00am on Wednesdays, September through May.

    Programs: Programs at some of the general meetings are devoted to charitable and philanthropic projects. Other programs feature a variety of speakers and activities designed to pique the interest of our members and guests.

    Social: Provides refreshments at all General Meetings and plans the Installation & Appreciation dinners.

    Correspondence: The Corresponding Secretary chairs the Correspondence Committee which consists of the Corresponding Secretary, Publications Chair and Publicity Chair. The Corresponding Secretary will file and report monthly on all correspondence, keep the Club Calendar and be in charge of the Club post office box. Stationary supplies and stamps will be available through the Corresponding Secretary.

    Publications: The Publications Chair compiles articles and information to keep members informed of events and meetings via "FairViews", a newsletter sent to members by e-mail nine times during the Club year. Deadlines will be announced by the chair.

    Publicity: The Publicity Chair submits news releases and background information to local media to publicize FPWC events and cultivate awareness about the Club in the community. The Publicity Chair also interacts with all committees to publicize events through local postings and other outlets. Committees should submit information about upcoming activities at least three weeks in advance so the chair can meet publications' deadlines.

    Board Member-at-Large(elected position): This committee is responsible for communicating member concerns to the Board and for inviting members to attend monthly Board meetings as guests. In the spring, she coordinates requests from charitable organizations for disbursement of Club monies earned from Ways & Means projects. She also chairs the Telephone committee.

    Telephone Committee: This committee is responsible for contacting members on an as-needed basis for Club purposes throughout the year.

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    Our History

    Fairview Park Women's Club has a rich history, which reflects the changing roles of women in society and their contributions to community. On February 15, 2016, the membership of Fairview Park Junior Women's Club voted to amend its bylaws by changing its name to Fairview Park Women's Club. We felt this name reflected its membership: diverse women, hard-working and goal driven, sensistive and successful, friendly and warm. This name change became official with a State of Ohio Certificate signed by Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State, on April 26, 2016.

    The earlier Fairview Park Junior Women's Club was incorporated in January of 2010. The unincorporated Fairview Park Junior Women's Club began in 1954 with the aim of promoting a "sense of responsibility among women toward creative interests in civic, social and welfare betterment of the community." Because most of the initial members were under the age of thirty-five and did not work outside the home, the club provided opportunities for leadership and gave members experience in planning and organizing a wide range of events. Through those projects, the group became involved in raising funds to help various charitable organizations and to provide scholarships and grants. The group also engaged in many hands-on activities that directly helped others. As women's roles changed in the business community and society in general, the club's activities and purposes evolved too.

    By the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the emphasis had shifted primarily to charitable, educational, and philanthropic activities. The Fairview Park Junior Women's Club, Inc. was formally incorporated in 2010 to recognize these goals and to enable the organization to pursue them more vigorously as it moves forward in this and future decades. With roots back to the 1950's, the Fairview Park Women's Club continues its mission of serving community while fostering friendships in the process.

    Our Founders

    Mrs. Horace AshbyMrs. Raymond D. Ashman, Jr.Mrs. Arthur Baur
    Mrs. Eugene BausMrs. Robert G. CookMrs. Clifton B. Cornwell
    Mrs. John T. ErnstMrs. Bruce GrandyMrs. Wayne C. Keith
    Mrs. Harry LumbyMrs. Richard E. MayberryMrs. John F. Murray
    Mrs. Gordon OlingerMrs. William H. StrongMrs. Willard W. Thompson
    Mrs. George E. WardMrs. Harold B. Wright

    Past Presidents

    Marion Cook
    Midge Strong
    Virginia Mayberry
    Pat Westfall
    Jay Hamilton
    Mary Lou Jordan
    Prudence Ross
    Mary Dyer
    Joy Verrell
    Ann Doran
    Janet Snider
    Mary Howell
    Catherine LaPlace
    Anne Senger
    Jean Wilhelm
    Marlene Turgeon
    Dolores Hall
    Lee Brookins
    Rosemary Saas
    Ellen Fletcher
    Carol Anderson
    M. Joan McCarthy
    JoAnn Allen
    Toni Matson
    Cecilia Rounds
    Anita Marshall
    Ann Kreps
    Mary Jo Halcik
    Anita Marshall
    Elaine Voinovich
    Joy Foran
    Janelle Reardon
    Debbie Shank
    Helga Kuehn
    Kathy Hayduk
    Vicki McGaw
    Janice Mitchell
    Joyce Dever
    Julie Bialowas
    Helen Davis
    Lynne Cipriani
    Sue Kirschner
    Nancy Cause
    Anne Godhard
    Ellen Thibo
    Kathy Needham
    Kathi Kowalski
    Linda Graves
    Anne Marie Seeholzer
    Nancy Cause
    Nancy Shucofsky
    Diane Faile
    Nancy Cause
    Carrie Battiato

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    by Steve McAlonis